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Monktoberfest 2022

Monktoberfest 2022

Why We Chose Columbus

Serverlessconf 2019

Serverlessconf 2019

Running a Serverless Insurance Company

Monktoberfest 2018

Monktoberfest 2018

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

ServerlessConf 2018

ServerlessConf 2018

Better Application Architecture with Serverless

QCon New York 2018

QCon New York 2018

Serverless Patterns and Anti-Patterns

ServerlessConf 2016

ServerlessConf 2016

10X Product Development with Serverless

Featured Articles

Serverless Sea Change

Serverless Sea Change

The Vanishing Middle Tier

Why The Middle Tier, Including Docker, Won’t Matter to Most of Us

The Truth of 10X

The Truth of 10X


How 10X Organizations Use the Cloud to Focus on Customers — and Nothing Else

Cyclical Practices

Are Technical Best Practices Cyclical (like fashion)?

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures as a Litmus Test

Ninja 10X Rockstar

Your Ninja 10X Rockstar Developer is Force-Feeding Bacon to Your Lean Startup

On Software Development

The Cloud

It’s All About Software Development: The Fierce Rise of Amazon Web Services


The Four Critical Practices of Effective Software Development


Good Software Development: It’s Not Like Construction!


Software Development Starts with the Product

Brief Thoughts


Serverless should change the way we think about application architectures.


My thoughts on cloud architecture from 2011


Startup CEOs: You Are Overestimating Your Tech Talent


Vendors Must Cater To Developers Or Die

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